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  • A World Made for You
    FAR7 is a whole universe. More precisely, it is a sector of deep space where new friends, captivating adventures, battles, intrigue, heroic deeds and victories await you!
    Dozens of star systems and thousands of deep space sectors
    Hundreds of planets, satellites and space stations
    A huge number of exciting places:
    asteroid fields, subspace bubbles, etc.
  • Friends and Enemies
    The space of the future is ripe with life, and you are an important part of it. You are not just a lone pilot somewhere on the outskirts of the universe. With every planet or station you visit, you will find new friends, merchant acquaintances, and clans who will stand up for you. Enemies and ill-wishers scheming against you and offering a bounty on your head will play their part, too.
  • Adventures
    Finding an occupation that suits your taste could not be easier. You can save planets on your own if you want to, or you can join huge fleets to fight for star systems. You can sell ore, you can buy ore, you can even steal it! You are free to just travel, or you can investigate crimes or invent a new laser superweapon on a research station. Fight, trade, socialize, and explore. You can be good and then turn evil, or do it the other way round! You are free to do whatever you want to!
  • Battles and Victories
    Close your eyes and picture the space of the future the way you see it. Can you see it? Now visit and try to compare. Even if the world of FAR7 appears to be not like what you imagine, stay a while! FAR7 is where duels and group combat, battles against lone pirates and wars against hordes of robots and aliens all await you. This is where your new achievements and victories are!
  • An Admirable Thing to Do
    All of this was created by a tiny little studio in Minsk, Belarus. We are making FAR7 for you and people like you: adventurers, explorers, troublemakers and puzzle lovers. We are doing it so that you can feel happy. Do you think the 21st century is too early to dream of space voyages and spaceships, massive battles, and new worlds? Well, we believe it is just high time!
    Еgor Kuryanovich
    Maxim Teymurov
    Natalya Zaslonova


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The Pros

The Cons

Giving It Our Best Shot

Unlike big companies, which mass-produce games, we make just one and we give it our best shot—this is evident in everything. There was one time when we redesigned a button sixteen times until we got the mood we wanted for the page.

Extra Hands Wanted

We cannot always do things as we should within the time we have, but we always try our hardest. Sometimes we do not have enough resources for fancy graphics, hip music or funny text, so your help is always welcome.

Listening to the Players

Writing on your favorite game’s message board and not sure if anyone is reading? That isn’t a problem around here: you can catch a developer right in the game chat. No one has ever been left without their answers!

To Err is Human

The most valuable result of our development process is the experience we gain. One cannot always make the right decisions, but we can admit our mistakes and learn—honest!

Doing Experiments

Indie games are always something special. We can afford to add features that big-time developers cannot, due to the risk of losing their profits. We do strange things from time to time—fear not.

A Small Audience

Huge adevertising budgets, banners on all of the nation’s websites, television features and Guinness Book of Records entries are something we can still only dream about. Join the game and bring some friends, and we will be thankful (you even get cookies!).

Еgor Kuryanovich

Еgor Kuryanovich

He takes care of the programming, administration, game design, production, monetization, legal affairs, promotion, visual design, website development, game world and story line, usability, strategic planning, QA, support and publishing-but mostly programming.


Natalya Zaslonova

Natalya Zaslonova

Responsible for customer support and events, as well as preparation of news and promotional assets. Write her!
Maxim Teymurov

Maxim Teymurov

He knows everything, he can do it all, and he can teach you. Write Max, and he will channel your creative energy.
Dave Hansen

Dave Hansen

This is the man if you are an English-speaking player. He can help with advice and post news. He also accepts your complaints about the translation quality.

Position Vacant

If you love space, and have a sense of responsibility and a desire to help others, you have a fair chance of joining our close-knit team.

 Special Thanks


Vyacheslav Makarov


Sergey Bruy


Alexander Shilyayev


Alexander Meleshchenko

 Helping with Development


Ivan Voronov


Alexander Sukhoverkhov


Alexey Abramovich


Yelena Khandriko


Yura Baranov

Our Story

Initial sketches were made in the summer of 2009: the stars were shining, and the shis were moving. We took the prototype to investment angels and venture capitalists. We had a team of three, and each was responsible for his part: the game design, the visuals and the programming.

A year later, we got serious about the project. We pooled our savings to lease an office and applied for Mozilla Corporation’s GAME_ON contest. Only two of us were left by that time, and we made up for the lack of a game designer with ten to twelve hours of hard work a day.

In the February of 2011, our project won the Best Technology category and for the first time gained some attention from the press and players. The game was an engineering demo at that moment, but many players could spend dozens of hours in our world even then.

In the April of 2011, the artist left, and the project’s fate was hanging in balance. However, work continued. May saw phase one of a closed beta test, which was designed to test the server. Phase two of the closed beta in January 2012 saw a functional role system.

The project kept maturing and improving throughout 2012, until it became a full-fledged game with every MMORPG characteristic. In the fall of 2012, we moved on to an open beta test. Around the same time, we applied for a gaming project contest sponsored by the Hight Technology Park and Our game was hailed as the best gaming project of the year as early as November 1, 2012.

Thoughout 2013, the content and features were growing, new tools were added, performance was improving, and most serious issues were fixed. Several gamemasters joined the team during the year, to support players and help the developer.